Friday, 11 January 2013

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Right so I've been back at school for a week now, back to the bitchiness (why are us girls so bitchy? Don’t even try and deny it), the endless assessments and homework. I'm so tired. It feels like I've been there for weeks. The dark mornings don't help either. It took me a while to get back into my sleeping pattern; I'd be awake till like 4 in the morning. 

On Wednesday my poster fell on top of me in the middle of the night... I thought someone was trying to kill me. If someone broke into your house, would you fight them off or go and hide? My first instinct would be to try and fight them off. Once my brother came home late but I thought it was an intruder and I grabbed my guitar ready to attack him. I turned into some kind of ninja!

It's been just over week from when I started this blog. Thank you everyone for reading, commenting and sharing... hope you had a great week back to reality! 
Me rocking my dressing gown!

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