Friday, 18 January 2013

It's how you wear it, NOT where you bought it from

I wanted my next post to be more suitable to boys because the majority of my posts would probably be more interesting to girls. Therefore I went round asking different boys where they shop; what type of clothing they wear; what their favourite shop is etc. The most popular one was obviously Topman. Selfridges came up and Primark came up (but they said they were "joking") this got me thinking...

 I've noticed people getting looked down on because they shop in cheaper shops. 
"Ew she got that from Primark" or "My skirt is nicer than hers because it cost (insert ridiculous amount they spent on an ugly skirt)". 
If you shop in Selfridges that does NOT mean that your clothes are nice. If you shop in Primark that does NOT mean that your clothes are ugly. It's how you wear it NOT where you bought it from. I'm not really bothered where my clothes are from if I see an item I like I'll get it.
Once upon a time I waited to the last minute to buy an outfit (a couple of hours before the party). So I went into a shop where everything was £7 or under and I saw a skirt that I liked... I wore it to the party and people told me it's a nice skirt. One person asked me where I got my skirt and when I told them all their faces dropped. I found it so funny! 

So basically the point I'm trying to make is that others shouldn't be looked down because of wear they shop. 
It's how you wear it NOT wear you bought it from!


  1. the most honest post ever! I can relate to this when yesterday i asked an aquaintance if they'd dress their baby in Primark clothes and they went ewww ugh no I dont want them to be chavs... like are they for real? they themselves shop in primark yet still show such distgust when I ask if they'd dress their baby in Primark clothing. The world is full of snobby people most of whom are not as wealthy as they say to be. I for sure will not hesitate to dress my kids in Primark clothing like you said its not where you got it from its how you style it! x

    1. I love this comment, thank you so much! And yes I agree a lot of people pretend to live the louis vuitton lifestyle when they're on a budget. x


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