Thursday, 3 January 2013

Man Skirts, Yes or No?

Normally I'd say No.

Men wearing skirts is becoming increasingly popular. It is not a new thing, Roman Gladiators wore skirts centuries ago and the kilt is traditional in Scotland. Although recently they have been seen on many famous faces such as...
P Diddy
Asap Rocky
Vin Diesel
Personally I think non of these guys above have pulled it off.

Rocking skirts is the norm for Marc Jacobs who has been seen may times in one. But to see Kanye West come out on stage in a Givenchy leather skirt at the 12.12.12 concert is very surprising and I think it looks great. It doesn't make him look any less masculine one little bit. Are you ready for men in skirts?

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  1. The conservative war against mens' fashion rights is no different than the conservative war against women wearing pants 50 years ago.


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