Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Boxing Day Experience

I love sales, who doesn't? But, I really can't stand busy places, I need my own space and when people start to come into my space I get annoyed and very frustrated. Manchester Arndale was absolutely packed. The women and children section in next was completely wiped out!
So as I was walking in and out of shops I'd have people barge into me, others were rushing in and out of shops. The most painful thing must be seeing an item you only just recently bought in the sale only for a small fraction of the original price. After all the fuss I got home with these chunky wooden heels. They weren't even in the sale! Grr... Well it was kind off my fault considering I got to town at 1pm whereas, people have been there since 6am (I love my sleep to much, even 1 o' clock was early for me). Oh well I am very happy with my purchase!
The chaos was too much for me I got sick of it all and went home.

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