Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Right, I'm not the biggest fan of her music it's her fashion sense what I like. She is huge style inspiration and we have all seen those girls who dress like her with the blonde curly hair, the red lipstick and wearing Timberlands/Nike Jordans with dresses. And I don't blame them! Last year was a great year for Rita Ora as she was working on her music career lots of people were waiting on her new releases. Meanwhile I was waiting to see what outfit she comes out with next. We've not all got the celebrity budget to get these clothes so here are a few of her outfits and where you can get the look.

 Embellished jacket £200 - Asos
Shirt £15 - Asos
Timberlands £135 - Shuh

here she is wearing a Kanye West vest, an Alexander Mcqueen T-shirt and skirt with Jordans and a bag by Herm├Ęs.


Jacket £42 - Topshop 
Skirt £40 - Asos
Bag £70 - Charming Chics
Air Jordans £90 - Nike

Here is Rita attempting the double denim... Do you think it works or not?

Sun glasses £16 - Topshop
Jacket - Waiste Clothing
Jeans £22.50 - Asos
Vans £45 - Shuh

Skirt £40 - Urban Outfitters
Jacket £40 - Asos
because it's in the men's section, it will be over-sized which is what Rita Ora does here.
Jacket £25 - Urban Outfitters

 The Hundreds tee £24 -
                   Jacket £45.99 - Ark
Adidas Hustle Crew Tee - Adidas
(only available in america, if you live in the UK you will have to order from America)
Parka £230 - Asos


Parka £80 - Asos

                                                                         Shirt £25 - Bank
                                                      Trousers £18.75 - Forever 21

Sweatshirt £200 - Jezebel and Toff          

Get busy shopping!


  1. She's the queen! Love her love her love her!! *_____*

  2. Rita is awesome. I love her signature blonde hair n red lips <3

  3. Oh thanks dear for dropping by in my blog
    and so with the lovely comment.
    Hope we can follow each other.


  4. Awesome style!


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