Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Papa's Got a Brand New Excuse

This is a TV show that never gets old. It was created before I was born and I've been watching it as long as I can remember and still laughing. Will Smith is that guy. I never cry at films, TV shows or songs but this scene comes close to bringing a tear in my eye.

If you haven't watched this episode it's about when Will's father, Lou Smith (played by Ben Vereen) shows up out of nowhere at the Peacock Cafe after abandoning him at the age of 3. As the episode goes on Will rekindles his relationship with his father. Will then starts to address his father by calling him "dad" although previous he referred to him as "Lou". Lou invites him on a trip so they can make up for lost time but in the end he fails to keep his promise and abandons Will once again and the last thing Will says to him is "You too Lou". This brings us to what I would say is the GREATEST moment of the entire show.

Will tries to carry on with his normal persona, but you can tell he's hurt by the way he starts to talk really fast as Phil (played by James Avery) reaches out to him. He tells a story of all the things he has achieved in the absence of his father. I think many people can relate to the content of his speech. I'm not sure how much of it is scripted or improvised but he really brings out the emotion so well. When he turns round and shouts "To hell with him!" everything just stands still. He carries on to say the things he will achieve in his absence that's when the tears start to flow. At the end where he says "how come he doesn't want me man?" almost has me in tears (it's very hard to make me cry). If you haven't seen it here it is, sorry it isn't the best quality.

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