Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Trainer Hype

This is my picture but not my shoes, I don't have large feet.

What trainers are you wearing today? New Balance? Air max? Nike Huarache's? You name them! I see them everywhere and to be honest I do love them; although I don't really wear them myself.
It's funny how we wear shoes which are meant for different types of sports, casually. I don't see anyone working up a sweat going shopping in town when they are wearing Nike huaraches or dribbling a basketball on the way to the corner shop in their Jordans. 

Do you wear them because they're comfy? Or because you they're nice? Or is it because you got sick of wearing ordinary shoes and just wanted a change? That's what I've heard a lot of people say. It was mainly boys that used to wear these types of shoes but it has become increasingly popular with girls. They even wear them with dresses! Air max came back in fashion a few months ago... I'm sure you've got pictures rocking them on the way to nursery. I've heard people say things like "air maxes are getting killed out". So therefore after a while they probably won't be seen frequently on people's feet, but like all trends they will come back in a few years’ time.

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  1. I wasn't a big fan of trainers until the flatforms came along, now those I love <3 PS, I started following you, follow me back? :)


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