Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What Happens as the Wheels on the Bus Goes Round...

I can't wait till next year (I'll be 17) then I can start driving lessons. One step closer to stop having to use public transport. The day I have my license and a car, I will be driving pass every bus stop with a big smile on my face like this. -------------------------->
Also I will be using the "I've got no petrol excuse" when someone asks for a lift, that is what my brother always tells me.

Have you ever heard of the term "African time"? That is the clock I run on. It's in my genes to be late, I can't help it. So I'm always running for the bus because I set off late. That moment when everyone watches you run for the bus and you miss it; I look up at the passengers on the bus and they look back at like I'm some kind of failure. It's painful. 

On the occasion I do manage to get on the bus on time I sometimes forget my igo pass (a pass to prove you aren't over 16 years of age) argghhhhh! The evil bus driver makes me pay adult price although I'm in my uniform... WHAT! Suddenly the bus pulls into the bus station

I get on another bus...

  • This bus is always packed.
  • It smells
  • There's always a woman with 123456789 kids who cry

  • When I have a spare seat next to me I give the person who just came on the bus the "don't even dare sit next to me or else" look --->
  • The seat next to me is for my bag not for you
  • It doesn't always work and someone who hasn't showered decides to sit next to me when there are other seats on the bus... WHY?
  • When it snows, children throw snow balls at the bus which scares the crap out of me
  • Sometimes there is that one person that decides to play there music out loud, once again... WHY?
If there are any bus drivers reading this, why do you get happy when you see another bus driver? Is there some kind of connection you guys have that us non-bus drivers don't? Is it the way they steer their bus? Or is it the way they make the bus passes? I do not know.

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