Sunday, 24 February 2013

Outfit of the Day #4

Urgh today is the Sunday before I go back to school after my week off. Well I ended my week in a great way. I went for a meal at this restaurant called Bem Brasil who obviously serves Brazilian food. It was really nice and it was a change from the usual restaurants I go to. Because it was a buffet I feel like I have to absolutely stuff myself till I'm about to explode.

Today I wore:
Year 6 Pose


Blazer: H&M
Elvis Sleeveless shirt: H&M
Leather Pants (old): Topshop
Shoes: Manchester Arndale Market
You can also find these exact shoes with the same label and in suede in Ark. I found them there first but they didn't have any in my size, luckily I found them somewhere else yay!

P.S I didn't manage to get Beyonce tickets guys, it was so hard :'(

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