Monday, 18 February 2013

Rih for RI

Rihanna for River Island.

*Video contains strong language.

Last Saturday, day 2 of the London fashion week, Rihanna showcased her long awaited collection for River Island. She said: "I've wanted to design my own fashion line for a very long time"
She also added: "The collection is very casual, it's chic, it's flirty".
She wanted character to come out of the clothes, for it to be comfortable but still edgy. In 2010 Giorgio Armani himself said that Rihanna is a great artist and that she has personality, charisma and energy and that she has been a pleasure to work with.

It consisted of a lot of crop tops baseball caps and big gold hoop earrings. I could actually picture her in every single outfit. So if you like the way Rihanna dresses you will be able to dress like her at an affordable price. As a whole I'm not too sure what I think of the collection. What do you think? There were certain items that I really loved then 1 and 2 I weren't too sure about like the orange dress at 00:59

I loved the black pinafore dress at 02:19 and the outfit at 02:29. The item that stood out to me was the ones with the jacket wrapped round the skirts/dresses.
I will definitely be buying that small backpack in the middle of the picture!
It would've obviously ended with her song Phresh out the Runway then Rihanna came out with her stylist Mel Ottenberg looking very proud.

Models Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn were sat front row, apparently "both whooping with delight throughout".

The collection will be out March the 5th.

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  1. Oh my God i love every single thing! She's amazing!


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