Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Should I buy it? Should I not?

I find saving money so hard. Over a period of time I would be doing really well and save up quite a lot. Then I end up spending it all in one go, on the wrong thing grr...

I've started putting my money away in a bank account "out of mind out of sight" right? Well that doesn't always work all because of online shopping. I love it and hate it at the same time! Actually, whilst I'm writing this post, I keep moving back and forth from blogger to various clothing websites. I'm basically looking for clothes to but with money I do not have.

In general people do waste a lot of money. I waste my money on lots of things but the biggest is food. I'm not even joking. If I'm in McDonalds with friends and I'm NOT even hungry I will buy something to eat just for the sake of it. Why I do this, it's well annoying.

I'm actually trying to save money for my 16th birthday so I can buy extra things for my party that my parents won't get me. I'm not going to have one of them "sweet 16s" they show on telly where the girl is crying because her dad bought her the wrong colour Range Rover. Anyway I'm currently failing because I recently spent money on Rihanna tickets and I want to see Beyonce. However I do kind of see that as an exception.

10 Tips on saving money

Right, I know I'm not the best person to give tips on saving money, but I' going to try to stick to this myself!

  1. Know what you're saving money for.
  2. Put your money away, somewhere safe where you can't see it. So it isn't constantly in your face and don't touch it.
  3. Keep a SMALL sum of money in your purse/wallet, which can be your spending money.
  4. Try not to take your money out with you all the time, you'll most likely waste it.
  5. Never borrow money.
  6. Separate what you want from what you need.
  7. Try and only spend money on what you need.
  8. If you are under 16 and find it hard to get a job, see if you can do little jobs for family members, neighbours etc.
  9. Don't be diva, if you want to buy something and you see it in 2 different shops but one isn't a popular or whatever it doesn't matter. Go for the cheap one.
  10. Try and get your parents to pay for the majority of things you want to buy!

So basically just become a cheapskate. :)

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  1. I'm quite good at saving, you just got to put it away in a bank account and just think that it's not yours to spend anymore

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)





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