Saturday, 13 April 2013

Going Solo

So today was the first time I went shopping on my own. It was really good; I got things done much quicker. This was great because once again, it was raining in Manchester. You don’t have to follow anyone in to the shop they want to go to and no one is moaning at you to hurry up or anything. I was so proud of myself; I stuck to the amount I could spend. Also I had a little bit more because I returned one an item.

Everything was going great until I got into the bus station to go home when a woman approached me (this story has a happy ending).

She asked if I was on X Factor and apparently I look like someone of X Factor. They were selling make up. She started telling me about how they are competing with big name brands such as Estee Lauder etc. Also apparently they were going to Selfridges tomorrow. The brand was called Makeover Essentials. She showed me some kind of bronzer and how to use it. There was a small bag with different make up and they were selling it for £30 but normally it’s over a £200 or something like that. To some £30 is not a lot to spend on makeup but it is for me considering I don’t really wear it. I started making excuses saying I don’t really wear makeup (I hardly ever do) and I don’t know how to use it (which I don’t).  I don’t know somehow she persuaded me to buy it. HOW STUPID WAS I! I went to sit down waiting for the bus and googled the brand because after I bought it something didn't seem right. I looked through the products closely and the packaging seemed very cheap. Also the first thing that came up on Google was a blog -  the review didn't pay make the products seem that good. So I went back asking for a refund and apparently that wasn't possible because I paid with card. So they said there is a number on the receipt and the website and I’ll have to phone them. There was no number on the receipt. No number on the website (thank God for mobile Internet). My bus came so I got on and I thought to myself… Am I an idiot? I got off the bus 3 stops away from the bus station literally ran back in the rain which made my hair a mess. I rang my brother first he was still at work so I had to ring my mum asking her if you pay with card but not in a shop can you still get a refund.  Of course she said yes and asked why, I didn't really want to say but I had to. Obviously she was going mad over the phone.  Anyway when I got to the bus station I was hoping they were still there and yes, they were. I demanded my money back and was not going to leave until they did.

And yes of course I got my money back. :-)

Normally I ignore people who try and sell me stuff, I don’t know what was wrong with me today maybe it’s because I haven’t eaten all day until now...  I do not know. I’m still really angry at myself and feel like such an idiot. I’m sure it’s legit but I didn't need it and was a waste of money. Shopping on my own is so much better though I think. 

Vintage Levis Jacket - £35 from Thriftette in Afflecks

Ring - £3 from Thriftette in Afflecks

Dress £8 from some shop I can't remember the name of and
some bras from Primark  £2.50 each.

Checkered Shirt - £17.50 from Ark

Sleeveless top - £7 from River Island

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