Monday, 20 May 2013

Duke of Edinburgh Practice walk

Bronze Award

My group before the first walk.

Wow. I can't believe I actually lost weight doing this walk. I lost about two and a half pounds... I think; I'm not too sure what the small lines on my scale mean. This was only a practise and I'm not going to lie it is hard. We walked 15 miles up and down hills over the course of two days (eight miles on saturday and seven miles on sunday), carrying a massive bag with all our clothes, a stove, food and parts of a tent. The thing is we went the wrong away a couple of times so we probably added an extra mile onto our trip. Map reading is harder than you think.

During these two days I saw a dead lamb with no eyes... rip; walked up a really steep hill; stood in cow poo and almost cried because we walked through a field with bulls in. I have the biggest fear of cows because I got chased by one when I was little. They kept staring at us and doing that thing when they move their leg back, I thought they was going to charge at me. After all the moaning about wet feet, not being able to see with my glasses on or off (because it was raining on saturday) and arguing over a stove, I really enjoyed the weekend.

I am so glad we did a practice walk first because I was so unprepared for this. I forgot almost everything. At least I remembered to take pictures!

Day 1

We walked up into the mist and it felt like we were in the clouds.
I got upset because it was raining
We gathered round the campfire and roasted marshmallows like they do in  American movies

Day 2

I was so far behind
We walked past an animal retirement home.

This picture was took before the second walk

Here is a video from shaunsmac18 -  "you know what I thought right, we're doing the Duke of Edinburgh. Edinburgh is in Scotland, so why aren't we're doing this in Scotland in June. We're doing it in Wales." Make sure you thumbs it up and subscribe to her on youtube!

I am actually excited for the real one in Wales. Hopefully I will be more prepared. It's obviously not everyone's cup of tea but would I have to pay you to do this or would you do it free of charge?

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