Sunday, 26 May 2013

Out with the new, in with the old

Manchester Vintage Kilo Sale 

Never have I ever shopped like this before. Today I went to a vintage kilo sale with Ellesse. It was one of Judy's Affordable Vintage Fairs, I've never been to one before and it seemed like fun so I thought I'd try it out. So of I made Ellesse get up at half 7 on a nice sunny saturday morning because we had to get the bus there. We ended up getting there late because we couldn't find the place (it was held at the people's history museum in Manchester)! The satnav on my phone was playing up so we got directions of someone who was going to the same place.

Everyone started to rush in as the doors opened
As you can see in the pictures above... there is a lot of clothes and that's not even all of it. Lucky for me bloggers and traders had early access and free entry (which was really nice), this is the first time I've been in a room full of other bloggers. After going to this I would love to go to more events like this. I'm not the biggest fan of really busy places (one of the reasons I can't stay in town for very long during the boxing day sales) so being able to shop an hour early was great as the place got packed really quickly later on. The clothes was in really good condition, as always it is a bit frustrating when you find a something absolutely gorgeous and it's not in your size.

They charged £15 per kilo or £5 per item. I bought six items which came up to being one kilo so basically only spent £2.50 per item. Your probably wondering why there is only five items but the check shirt isn't with me to take a picture at the moment. There is this dress that I really REGRET not buying... even after Ellesse told me to get it I still put it back down. I guess that was the one that got away. The items that I've picked out are really simple but that's what I'm really into at the moment although the dress that got away was very bright coloured with a floral pattern on. Of course my next outfit post will be featuring these clothes and I'm really excited. I absolutely love those shorts they are very high waisted. 

The jewellery wasn't part of the kilo sale, you had to pay for those separately but aren't they so pretty? There were some really cool sunglasses too but by the time I could take a picture there wasn't a lot left.

It was really busy when I left.

I thought it was a really good day and would love to do it again. There was a large selection of clothes from different time periods. So if you love vintage clothes and a bargain click here and it will take you to the website. I advise to get there early even thought they top up the clothes as the day goes by. It was definitely worth waking up early for!

Have you ever shopped like this before?

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