Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The inaugural issue of Miss Vogue

Vogue provided us with a double issue this month yesterday. Which included the first edition of Miss Vogue. Of course the leading model right now Cara Delevingne is on the cover as she is an inspirationn to many girls across the globe. American Vogue already had a little sister, teen vogue which launched in 2003, so I guess it's about time British Vogue had a baby sister.

The Miss Vogue look page only had outfits worn by under 21s, faces such as Karlie Kloss, Sky Ferreira and Chloe Moretz. Apart from the clothes what I liked was the section about being under pressure and four different students at the ages of 16-17 spoke about 5 different subjects which come under that heading. 
  1. Image
  2. Drugs
  3. Social Media
  4. Exams
  5. Sex
It spoke a lot of truths and things that I notice within a day of being in school. Just like a lot of magazines it had a section of what to eat and drink to make your skin, hair, nails etc... healthy. I always read sections like that and have a great interest in them but never do as they say.

Editor Alexandra Shulman said "I wanted to produce an edition targeted at younger readers, created with your lifestyles in mind." Well... it featured a £890 Miu Miu leather bag, £275 Jimmy Choo sneakers, a £269 leather waistcoat from Urban Outfitters and Cara Delevingne rocking £425 knitted bra top and shorts by Margaret Howell. I don't know any teens who get that amount in their weekly spends unless you're a rockstar's daughter or something. However it also includes many great buys from Forever 21, Topshop and so on. The magazine is more likely to inspire, just like the main magazine does anyway, for those with an interest for fashion at an younger age.

I've heard that this will probably only released about twice a year and I doubt it will be a stand alone magazine. What do you think of the double portion on vogue this month?

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