Thursday, 27 June 2013


I guess the rumors are true there will be no more gfc (google friend connect) as of the first of July. I can't believe it's nearly the end of june it's gone so quick! The majority of blogs I read, I follow them with Gfc. I wasn't looking forward to having refollow them all on bloglovin but there is a quick to doing this. Just click here to import all the blogs you follow with google reader to your bloglovin' account.

If you like my blog please follow me with the social buttons at the side or via email. They are all associated with this blog apart from instagram and pinterest - they are my personal but feel free to follow them too!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

OUTFIT & LIFE | 50 Shades of Blue

Today we had an A Level taster day in school so us year 10s got to pretend we were in sixth form for a day. We are off timetable all week and basically they're talking to us about college, careers, uni etc. I love non uniform days because my own clothes are so much comfier but the one reason why I dislike it is because I have to pick out what to wear and in the mornings before school I don't have a lot of time. I never plan an outfit unless it's for some type of special event because 10/10 times I'll change my mind. A lot of my decisions are very spontaneous.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Quite the DIYer

Yesterday I went to ikea with mi madre y mi hermano menor for some new furniture for my bedroom. I can't remember the last time I went there. Obviously I didn't come back with everything I needed because I got so frustrated with not being able to find the things I needed, I'm not used to places like that. I'm glad I finally finally finished painting room it took me five days; I'm such a rubbish painter. My friend Buki came round to help do the third layer and neaten everything up. I still have a pink carpet and a pink bed but hopefully I'm getting a new bed soon.

These pictures are really bad quality and I only noticed till after I took them that my camera settings were wrong oops. That is when my battery went.

There was a little drop of paint on the floor  - that's what I'm looking at
Bandana - Vintage Kilo sale
Levis Jacket - Vintage
Check shirt - Ark
Leather Pants - Topshop
Vans - Shuh

I'm getting quite a hang of the whole diy thing don't you think?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

LIFE | Be Inspired

I'm currently in the process of redecorating my room. It wasn't anything planned, I just woke up one day and decided I want to have a black and white room. My room is only tiny so my aim is to get rid of all the rubbish I've been hoarding and have a very simple and uncluttered bedroom. At the moment everything in my room is pink (I don't know what 8 year old me was thinking).

I've kind of got the hang of pinterest now. Some of these images are from my pinterest account. The third picture isn't inspiring at all I just thought it was funny.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Overall High Waist Skinny Jeans

Right, I know the whole overalls,dungarees and pinafores are completely rinsed out but these overalls from The White Pepper from are so cool. I have never seen these types before, I'm used to seeing those with like a boyfriend jean kind of style. As I always I love everything high waisted because they tend to make your waist look much smaller. If your like me and your waist not much smaller than your hips it's such a great help.

I wouldn't pair it with yellow (my least favourite colour) instead I'd have white baggy shirt or maybe a crop top also I would add some trainers like these Nike Free Run 2 or these Nike Flex Trainer 3. Never before have I really bothered with trainers, I've always liked the but I haven't considered wearing them and now I want a pair for myself!

The White Pepper have some really nice stuff in at the moment; their dresses are so cute. If you have seen them what do you think of them? Do you like these overalls? These trainers?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Duke of Edingburgh Bronze Award

Long time no post. I wasn't going to do a post about my trip but I thought I should because it's the main reason why I haven't posted anything and the fact that I was ill after it. Not long ago I did a practice walk, this is the real one.

my good ol' timbs

What a great weekend in Wales it actually was looking back on it. Although I did get a bit stressed and I hate feeling like that. If anyone is thinking of doing it I would actually recommend it. It was so easy at the start the map reading was fairly simple as their was only 1-2 paths to choose from. The sun was shining, all the other people walking by were nice and friendly ad would say hello as you walk past.

Halfway through was when the map reading was hard, as there was no obvious paths. We had to walk through fields where we saw about 2-3 dead, decomposing sheep ( r.i.p) it wasn't very nice but some of the lads decided to take pictures pretending to stand on it... ew. So this was at the point we were all lost and there was about 50 kids not knowing where to go. Eventually we found the teacher and we was right back on track (not for long though). On the second day I had to face my fear of cows again. When I was asking my teacher if there was any other way we could go he replied saying you'll be fine, cows have killed people before but not in this part of the world. Err... yeah because that really helped me.

Camping was a funny but quite an unpleasant experience. Nothing seems clean. I spilled 3 quarters of my pasta onto the floor, I was so depressed, I was proper looking forward to it. If you are with the right people you'll overlook anything that can bring you down (my pasta being eaten by whatever living in the grass), I was and I did by: making music with our boot pots and pans and playing multiple games of would you rather - would you rather have 2 heads or 4 arms? (this was probably the cleanest and least disgusting question I wont reveal any others).

As I arrived back in manchester all I was left with were lots of insect bites and a cold but I'm not sure if it is a cold as it was pretty warm. There is so much more I could write about this trip but I'll stop.
Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Asos Faves

I'm not sure if it's still summer yet... I think it's still spring. But it has been so warm in manchester (anything 15°C+). At the moment its about 19°C. Asos is one of the best online store I think mainly because they offer free delivery world wide.

I was having look on the website and came across some really nice items. Here is the best part... they are all under £30!
Asos faves

What's your favourite online shop? Do you like these items?

Monday, 3 June 2013

When I was your Man

This outfit is for a contest hosted by I had to pick at least two trends that are featured on their website and create one or two outfits. I picked the tie - and ankle boots - Which I paired with the blazer I hot from the vintage sale and my all time favourite leather pants from topshop -

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Updates + Social stuff...

Saturday was another nice day in Manchester and unfortunately I was stuck in babysitting. These are the days when I spend my whole day on netflix and youtube. Other than that I spent a lot of time changing the layout and header of my blog. Also I've finally bought a tripod so I will have an outfit post at least once a week.

  • I've created a facebook page, it would be very nice if you'd like because add the moment I only have five likes and one of them being me (lol). It would be very nice if you'd like it.
  • I also made a pinterest account and have absolutely no clue how to use it. My profile page is looking pretty bare at the moment. If someone would be kind of enough to explain it to me that will be great!
  • Please subscribe to my friend Shauna on youtube she just uploaded a new video a couple of days ago - shaunsmac18

Comment below your twitter, facebook pages, pinterest, etc. and I will like/follow you. It would be nice to see who my blog readers are.

Good luck to those have any exams this week and if like me you are returning back to school tomorrow after a week off, good luck getting up in the morning!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

BEAUTY | Dr Organic's Morocan Argan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

I've been meaning to do a review of this product for a while now. I always try different things with my hair. In year 8 I decided to shave the side of my head (it seemed like such a great idea at the time).  The first time I got it done at a barbers (who completely messed it up I now know how you boys feel) the second time I got it done at the hairdressers and the third time I did it myself in front of my bedroom mirror. So I absolutely hate it when my hair isn't healthy. The last shampoo I used was Tresemme and it completely dried my hair out. It’s obviously not right for me  But I've finally found the solution to my problem.