Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Duke of Edingburgh Bronze Award

Long time no post. I wasn't going to do a post about my trip but I thought I should because it's the main reason why I haven't posted anything and the fact that I was ill after it. Not long ago I did a practice walk, this is the real one.

my good ol' timbs

What a great weekend in Wales it actually was looking back on it. Although I did get a bit stressed and I hate feeling like that. If anyone is thinking of doing it I would actually recommend it. It was so easy at the start the map reading was fairly simple as their was only 1-2 paths to choose from. The sun was shining, all the other people walking by were nice and friendly ad would say hello as you walk past.

Halfway through was when the map reading was hard, as there was no obvious paths. We had to walk through fields where we saw about 2-3 dead, decomposing sheep ( r.i.p) it wasn't very nice but some of the lads decided to take pictures pretending to stand on it... ew. So this was at the point we were all lost and there was about 50 kids not knowing where to go. Eventually we found the teacher and we was right back on track (not for long though). On the second day I had to face my fear of cows again. When I was asking my teacher if there was any other way we could go he replied saying you'll be fine, cows have killed people before but not in this part of the world. Err... yeah because that really helped me.

Camping was a funny but quite an unpleasant experience. Nothing seems clean. I spilled 3 quarters of my pasta onto the floor, I was so depressed, I was proper looking forward to it. If you are with the right people you'll overlook anything that can bring you down (my pasta being eaten by whatever living in the grass), I was and I did by: making music with our boot pots and pans and playing multiple games of would you rather - would you rather have 2 heads or 4 arms? (this was probably the cleanest and least disgusting question I wont reveal any others).

As I arrived back in manchester all I was left with were lots of insect bites and a cold but I'm not sure if it is a cold as it was pretty warm. There is so much more I could write about this trip but I'll stop.
Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

Left: Day One and Right: Day Two
*this one picture was taken after the trip
Day one: Tee- Primark, Running shorts - American Apparel
Day two: Tee - Primark, Shorts - JD

Just under halfway up the hill.
Almost there...
You see that small spot with minibuses and cars? Yeah that's where we was before climbing up the hill. This was the first of many hills unfortunately I was too tired to take more pictures by that point.

Whilst everyone was looking at the maps I decided to take some pictures of flowers.

Seriously though, would you rather have 4 arms or 2 heads?


  1. Wow i love this post! I Believe You had a great time and i adore the pictures! XX

    1. Thank you, yes I actually did after all lol xx


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