Tuesday, 25 June 2013

OUTFIT & LIFE | 50 Shades of Blue

Today we had an A Level taster day in school so us year 10s got to pretend we were in sixth form for a day. We are off timetable all week and basically they're talking to us about college, careers, uni etc. I love non uniform days because my own clothes are so much comfier but the one reason why I dislike it is because I have to pick out what to wear and in the mornings before school I don't have a lot of time. I never plan an outfit unless it's for some type of special event because 10/10 times I'll change my mind. A lot of my decisions are very spontaneous.

Sleeveless Shirt - River Island
Leggings - Next
Vans - Shuh

I've been wearing my vans quite a lot recently after a long time of not wearing them. They're about 2 - 3 years old now. Even though the black has faded and the edges are wearing out, they're my favourite pair of shoes at the moment. I wonder why I chose to wear a lot of blue today.
I didn't take these pictures the top ones was Emmie and the bottom ones were Becky (friends)
So for the A - level taster day I did Drama, photography, English Language and Business Studies. English and photography were the ones I enjoyed the most out of the whole day. For my actual A level I'm definitely taking English language because I love writing... especially creative writing. I love all aspects of music and I've only recently become interested in photography. To be exact it was when I got into blogging and fashion is when I took an interest in mainly fashion photography. The more I got into fashion and looking at editorial shoots the more I became interested in the photography side of it. Both of them are about how things look aesthetically. I've always been the one to opt for the creative side of things. For GCSE I took Spanish, music, drama and business studies. In an ideal world I would take english, music, drama and photography as my a level subjects. I doubt that I will take those subjects, but let's be honest those aren't the best options for someone who doesn't have a clear career path in mind.

If I had to choose another academic subject it would be psychology. I think it'd be fun trying to understand how people's brains work. Why they decided to take that action and why. Once you have known me for a long time I'm a much chattier and louder person. But at first (this may sound strange) I like to watch people and then make my judgement whether I want to be friends with someone or stay away from them. In year 7 (my worst year) I hardly spoke to anyone for a whole year that wasn't in my form class or that I didn't know before high school. I'm going to have to get over that if I want to go college and meet new people; I'm definitely not staying on at my school's sixth form... there is nothing wrong with it but I'd rather be in a different, new environment.

Today I have thought about my future beyond school in detail and it's changed so much compared to a couple of years ago. Hopefully I'll still be blogging because I love it. I will most likely take 2 subjects which will enable me to keep my options open and then 2 which I just really enjoy. I have just under a year left before I have to make any really important decisions anyway.

What a levels are you considering? What a levels did you take?


  1. one of the most fashionable 15 year olds I've seen! great post



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