Sunday, 2 June 2013

Updates + Social stuff...

Saturday was another nice day in Manchester and unfortunately I was stuck in babysitting. These are the days when I spend my whole day on netflix and youtube. Other than that I spent a lot of time changing the layout and header of my blog. Also I've finally bought a tripod so I will have an outfit post at least once a week.

  • I've created a facebook page, it would be very nice if you'd like because add the moment I only have five likes and one of them being me (lol). It would be very nice if you'd like it.
  • I also made a pinterest account and have absolutely no clue how to use it. My profile page is looking pretty bare at the moment. If someone would be kind of enough to explain it to me that will be great!
  • Please subscribe to my friend Shauna on youtube she just uploaded a new video a couple of days ago - shaunsmac18

Comment below your twitter, facebook pages, pinterest, etc. and I will like/follow you. It would be nice to see who my blog readers are.

Good luck to those have any exams this week and if like me you are returning back to school tomorrow after a week off, good luck getting up in the morning!

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