Wednesday, 17 July 2013

LIFE | AARGH... I went to see Rihanna

Diamonds World Tour

On monday I went to the Rihanna's Diamonds world tour. This is my second time seeing I went to the LOUD tour. It was literally the best night ever. I had standing tickets and was so close at the middle of the stage. There was only one person between me and the bar. It was such a great night, I just wish I could do it all over again.Whether you like her or not she is 10x better live.

We (me and my friend Jess) got there at about 4 - 4.30  some people have been queuing up since 9 am! It's not that bad though there is Mcdonalds there so if you hungry or need the toilet you wont lose your place in queue (s long there is someone there to hold your place). I was actually really tired that day because I went to bed late and then had a full day of school... I tried to convince my mum to let me have a day of school but that failed. There was quite a few there, actually we felt like the youngest ones their I was really surprised by how big the age range was in the standing area some looked 3x my age. That was a good thing it meant less bitchiness one woman stuck up for us at the start of the concert.
 Before the doors opened everyone got a bit anxious to get to the from and over excited. So Jess said to me lets shuffle a bit closer so we did then those people behind us did and before you know it everyone got up ad went straight for the doors... this was at 5 o'clock. The security guards came by and told everyone to sit down again letting us now we still have an hour left. We was pretty much at the back of the queue before this but after everyone got up we ran to the front.

 After the doors open that was the most exciting part of the wait. You had to queue up again to get a wristband. So once me and Jess got let into the actual arena all you could see was loads of people running trying to get to the front. The security guards were trying to get people to walk but no one would listen. We sat on the floor in the standing area and we was 4 rows behind from the bar. Not long after that people stood u 30mins before the show was supposed to start and we took our chance to get to the front with all those who paid extra for early entry. The next 2 pictures aren't the best they were taken with my phone's camera.

Support act
These DJs were pretty good their set got better towards the end but then something happened to their mixing thing at the end of it.
She was absolutely amazing my favourite was Rockstar, It was one of my favourite songs ever by her I was so happy she performed. During We Found Love she came down towards us and the first time she went past so many hands went flying to touch her hand. Then, the second she came, she climbed on the bar and started shaking her hair back and forth right in front of us. I touched her dress and her hand, I felt her nails and everything. So did Jess, she got her hair. I tried to get it all on video but someone pushed my lens right back into my camera. All you can hear is me screaming "OMG I TOUCHED HER!" I'm actually surprised my camera isn't broke. Isn't it weird how I got so excited about another human being, I still can't get over it. I could not believe how close we was.
 I knew the dances of by heart, I watched the shows she did in america. They were so good... the back up dancers and the guitarist were soooooooo good. I'd love to be able to play the electric guitar at that level. There was lots of fire I could feel the heat. When your having such a good time you forget about the lack of personal space and how hot it was. 
I mainly took videos because I couldn't keep my hand still enough to take decent pictures. These pictures were took whilst the songs weren't up tempo. At the end she gave a little thank you speech. I was really trying to get her attention so badly. She mouthed at a girl near me saying she followed her on instagram... I was so jel. It went so quick grrr I just want to do it all again.

What I wore.

Shirt says "bear with me" - H&M mens
High waisted shorts - Vintage
Vans - Shuh
This was the most comfortable outfit a super baggy shirt, some shorts and an old pair of vans (you can tell by the state of them). I really wanted to post my videos on here but it wont upload for some reason.

What's the best concert you've ever been too?

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