Friday, 30 August 2013


Cardigan - vintage / skirt - H&M / Socks - Asos / Desert Boots - Office /  Chain ring - H&M / Dog ring - V&D (in holland)
I have to agree Manchester is such a cool city. I should have got a picture of the whole board.

Yesterday I went in to Manchester for school stuff. I came back with zero, I really needed to find a school skirt an every shop that sells school uniform only went up to primary school ages. So me and my friend Yvonne just went for a walk around Manchester. Because I live here I sometimes wonder why others around the world really want to visit here. I sometimes wonder why my mother picked here to live instead of London. Also a lot of people ask me do I prefer living in Manchester or Den Haag - I never know how to answer that question because I was 7 years old when I left holland and the way my brain works is completely different now so I can't judge. The thing is Den Haag is TINY compared to Manchester but the good thing is it's only 1 hour away from Amsterdam. Anyway Manchester is such a great city when I really think about it because you're free to be you I think. Although I really badly want to travel the world, I will most always come back to visit!

Please enjoy this song by The Weeknd I was listening to this while writing this post (obviously this post took a lot more than 5 mins to write and stuff) and the title fits with this post too. All summer I've mainly listened to his music because he's amazing. Urgh, why didn't he win the VMA award for "Artist to Watch."
If you had to pick one city to live in where would you live?

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