Tuesday, 13 August 2013

What I brought home from Holland

I didn't take a lot of pictures of the holiday.
1. Me at schiphol    2.  Me at a cheese stand in the biggest market in Europe    3. Best Ice cream I've ever tasted.
I broke my promise about posting at least once a week whilst I was away. But that was because the computer kept saying there was an error with blogger so I just gave up. Anyhoo, I'm back and ill. I spent the last 3 days moping around, watching films feeling sorry for myself. I just finished watching Memoirs of a Geisha - it's a good film, the love story is kind of messed up though. Once I've finished this post I'm going to watch The Hobbit for the very first time (ikr shame on me).


Every time I leave the country I always come back with one of them bone necklaces - I'm not sure why. I bought some jewellery from H&M, I'm in love with those chain rings I wear them every time I go out. I also find the doggy rings really cute which were bought fomr a department stor called V&D however there was 3 of them and one of them came off when I went on a ride in Duinrell (an amusement park). I also got a schoolbag.


The skirt is from H&M, it looks better on. I got some black skinnies from Mango I would prefer to be high waisted but oh well. Another item from H&M ( wow I spent a lot of my time in their, I don't really bother with it in England) is just a plain grey t - shirt dress. The last it one is vest top from Tally Weijl its original price was 12.99 (I probably wouldn't have bought it for that) but I got it for 3 euros.

Food & Drink

urgh my brother cut a chunk out the cheese before I took the picture.
This drink is soooooo nice. It's a really thick strawberry syrup or something like that and you mix it with water. I remembered it from when I used to live there. I don't know why I only brought back one bottle. The next is some plain gouda cheese. I'm not the biggest fan of cheese but I actually like dutch cheese. It's from the market which is always so busy. It was from De Haagse Markt which claims to be the biggest market in europe. For the last item I think the picture explains it all.

In other news yesterday Lady Gaga released her new single Applause and if you love rap/hip hop listen to Big Sean - Control and pay attention to Kendrick Lamar's verse!

Where have you gone on holiday or where are you planning on going this summer?


  1. Aww you got some really cute things, that ring with the dog on it is so cute and I love that leather skirt- I've been looking for one just like it.
    Tiana x

  2. looks like you had a great time! love the skirt so much xo



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