Thursday, 31 October 2013

Searching for my birthday suit

Sorry for the bad quality my internet is rubbish at the moment.

This month has been such a busy month. I've been planning my birthday party, it's tomorrow. I turned 16 yesterday, now I can finally legally buy a scratch card (probably wont anyway). So I'm having a party tomorrow (Friday). I got my dress from the kardashian kollection at lipsy which is so unlike me . At first I got a skirt from Urban Outfitters, I loved it so much but my mum hated it she said it wasn't "dressy" enough. As always the dress looks 10x better on the model but oh well I bought it anyway.  I advise you too to check out their collection at lipsy!

Today I got my eyebrows threaded for the very first time. No one other than me has ever touched my eyebrows. It really made my eyes water... I swear I didn't cry though, it did look like I was.

The last thing is that I'm getting my make up done at mac. I own one red lipstick, an eyebrow pencil and a foundation that is about 2 shades too light for my face. I bought these 2 years ago. Obviously, I used them a couple of times and stopped. Because I don't (know how to use it) wear make up I think it was waste of money. However I've been reassured that the make up artists at mac will show me how to use it.

I apologise for my irregular blog posts. I will sort this out asap!
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  1. aww happy birthday! threading really does make a huge difference, really helps frame the face :) hope you have a great day beautiful xx

    Rara from RepeatPiece

  2. happy birthday! xx


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