Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Permanent Accessory

Picking my new glasses are so important. Imagine having to wear the same shirt everyday for 2 years (ugh that's nasty). Surely if that was the case you would make sure you pick the right shirt so it suits you and you wont change your mind later on. 

This was what I was trying to explain to my mother when I spent a long time in specsavers deciding which glasses to pick. Honestly these weren't the type of glasses I wanted. I wanted large where's wally type glasses. Something on the lines of this...
When I couldn't find it I settled on the one pictured above. It's Hugo Boss from the Boss Orange line. Because I'm under 16 the NHS offers to pay £80 towards any glasses I pick therefore I (my mother) only had to pay £50 instead of the full price which was £149. So I took advantage of this because I'm 16 soon. We are now in october and if you haven't figured it out yet (by looking at my blog title) I was born in october.

If like you're like me and have four eyes and like these glasses the number for them is BO 0090. Also I have made a new twitter but I used the same account name, please follow me!

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