Wednesday, 27 November 2013

LIFE | War Horse

Last Monday night I went to see War Horse at the Lowry Theatre. It was SUPERB!

This is the second I've been to the theatre, the first was to go see Educating Rita, both times I went with school. I had such a good time and I can tell you now I will be visiting it more often. When I got back I couldn't stop talking about it to my mum.. I don't think she was paying much attention!

If you haven't read the book - written by Micheal Morpurgo or watched the film, it's set during WW1 about a 16 year old boy named Albert who raises a horse he calls Joey which gets sold to the army and they lose it so he goes out to find it. It's really strange how you get attached to the horse when it's not even real! The horse was operated by puppeteers, they were absolutely amazing; they made him breathe, move his ears, gallop and they made the noises like a real horse would. My friend Grace turned to me on the bus ride back to school and said, "I wish it was me going through all that and not the horse." A lot of people were crying at the end. I wasn't.

I'm never really cry at fictional sad stories anyway. It's really such a moving story  about survival when everything is going against you. There was a man who sang folk songs whilst playing the accordion which also catapulted you into the time and place. Another moment which was fantastic was when Joey grows up, the little horse comes apart and the larger horse comes galloping in.  The gun shots shocked me so much as they weren't expected. In my opinion the set was very simplistic but what made it amazing was the flying birds that came on and off the projector in the back ground. 

I had such an amazing time. It truly was great, leaving me wanting to go back and experience it all over again.

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