Monday, 6 July 2015

A book a week

Waterstones £8.99

There are so many benefits from regular reading; it increases your knowledge, widens your vocabulary and reduces stress too name a few. Sadly I've fallen out of the habits of doing so. The best way for me to make sure that I read more often is to have a plan.

Those who know me well know I plan everything. That is why I have decided to read a different book every week this summer. There 8 out of 9 weeks left of this holiday so that's 8 books in total. I plan to read a mixture of fiction and non fiction books. But I haven't planned which books I'm going to read I'll decide as I go along. The last book I read was How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie. I didn't read this book to improve my 'people skills', it was purely for entertainment. However I have found myself using some of the principles outlined in this book and it works so I totally recommend it.

I shall begin with The Girl Who Wasn't There by Ferdinand von Schirach which I picked up from Waterstones today. I've only read the first two pages so can't really comment on it but it has really good reviews. This book only has 216 pages so it shall be easily done in a week.

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