Wednesday, 26 August 2015

DIY Marley Twists

This is actually so easy to do and I also saved myself 40£ by doing it myself. Also  it is so nice to not have to style your hair, especially since I'm going Leeds festival

This is what you need:
The marley hair was about £4 each and I used two and a half packs. The good thing about marley hair is that it already comes in seperated strands. I use 2 strands per twist but if you want thicker twists, use more. If you want to have short twists, like mine you will need to taper the ends, shown in the picture below or you will have to burn the ends with a lighter. This is because if you have a blunt cut the twists will unravel.

I wanted my twist to be abit messy looking almost like dreads so I didn't use he comb nor the gel, they are there for those who want it to look really neat.

Now there are 2 different ways to do these twists.

Braid first
  1. Section your hair for a twist (the size depends on how full/thick you want it to be)
  2. Place the marley hair o your seection. Two of the strands is the marley hair and one strand of the braid is your hair. Your hair must be in the middle.
  3. Start off with a braid about half an inch or so. 
  4. Then split your hair into two and join it with the marley hair. 
  5. Proceed to two strand twist.
Invisible root method (what I used)
  1. Take a section of hair
  2. Split this section into 2
  3. Place the marley hair in the middle of the section
  4. Hold the hair in place with one hand then twist one section of your hair and the marley hair together upwards.
  5. This part is hard to explain there's a video for this step below. Now take the other section of hair and twist it around the already twisted section whilst also twisting it the opposite way of what you did in step 4 at the same time (or you can twist the opposite way then 2 strand twist).
Now for step 5

I've had these twists in for 3 weeks now although they were a nice break I'm excited to take them out.
Do you have any alternatives or tips for achieving this style?

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