Thursday, 20 August 2015

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This is more like a diary entry. But there is no one to moan to so I'll post my thoughts on the internet.
It has only been a week since results day and I'm already done with all this ucas stuff. It was kind of an anticlimax moment seeing my results. Ever since my exams were over I've been waiting for the sun to rise on the 13th. Even though, my results were released on my college's intranet from 6am I didn't log on till 11. For whatever reason I wasn't that phased by them anymore. I was expecting a huge reaction but when I saw them I was just like "oh". It was exactly the same feeling when I opened my GCSE results last year - well at the time I was more bothered about the fact I was going to see the Lion King (one of my fave films of all time) at the theatre. As a whole I'm happy with my AS results. Some may disagree but I don't believe in the term "naturally clever". I think if you work hard and have a good method you'll get what you want.

I actually started writing this post as I was in the middle of writing my personal statement. I hate filling in forms anyway and to have to write an essay aswell. I've read so many examples, tips on how to write one - I needed a break. Hence this post. Sometimes, I tend to waffle and becuase I'm writing about a subject I enjoy I waffle abit more (which is a waste of the 4000 characters I get). But then again I also find myself completely stuck for words. 

2 weeks ago I went to London for a summer school at Imperial College. The summer school really helped me narrow my university choices; it helped me decide what kind of student life I want. I think this is really important because although you're studying a subject you love, you'll have to live there for 3/4 years. The day before I had to go to the uni, I had a chance to explore some parts of London. I decided I definitely want to be in a big city. After living in Manchester I don't think I can go live in a small quiet area. Of course it also helped me to learn so much about the physics degree they offer and the subject in general. So all in all I'm glad I signed up for it.

lol why am i so happy. cami-asos, high waisted check pants- river islans, new balance 574
lovely salmon omelette i had before i went to imperial.
Ye, so I'm done with my rambling now.

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