Wednesday, 12 August 2015

My hair grew double the average rate with Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Please excuse my face.
This was such a shock I didn't think I'd get these results when I initially bought this. Apart from the awful burnt smell this product works wonders.

I bought this in a afro-caribbean hair and beauty store in moston - you will be able to find this in most afro-caribbean beauty shops and of course Amazon. I've also heard you can buy castor oil from pharmacies but that's the clear version and I'm not sure if it is as effective (no you will not find this in the aisles of boots). It was about 6 pounds. I'm in my house in holland so I can't find the pound sign (lol) also ignore some of the grammar/spelling because the computer thinks every word is wrong as I'm writing in english and not dutch.

Anyway... what you do is super easy to get these results. The average hair growth is half an inch a month and my hair grew an inch in that time frame. In some places it grew more than an inch! Imagine if you did it every month and managed to retain that length thats 12 inches in a year. I did this only once a week.
So what you need is the JBCO, a shower cap, an applicator bottle and a hair dryer.

  1. Boil some water then put it in a bowl
  2. Pour the JBCO in the applicator bottle then put that in the bowl with the boiled water
  3. Put your hair into 4 sections (this is not a must it just made it easier for me)
  4. When the oil is warm apply to the roots of your hair and massage it into your scalp like you would when washing your hair.
  5. Put on your shower cap and sit under a hairdryer  for 15 minutes. (I just used a blowdryer)
  6. Then go on and wash + condition your hair as normal

I also noticed my hair being stronger and felt a lot thicker at the roots. Apparently it helps to grow eyelashes aswell but I've not tried that.

If you have tried JBCO on your eyelashes or hair please let me know of your experiences and thanks for reading.

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