Saturday, 1 August 2015

Why the Denman brush is not for me

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So many afro haired girls have raved about this brush on youtube. I never use brushes I tend to use wide tooth combs, however a couple of months ago I stopped using combs as well and only used my fingers for detangling my hair — to keep breakage to a minimum. But since I've seen so many girls go on about how amazing the denman brush is I thought I'd give it a go.

First of all I think it's important to describe the texture of my hair.  I have low porosity hair with looser curls at the front. The sides are kinky curly or coily and finally at the crown there isn't much of a curl pattern at all its more like zig zags.

This brush is advertised as a styling brush for thick or afro textured hair as there is larger spacing between the bristles compared to the standard version. Unfortunately it took ages for it to go through my hair with was disappointing as I was looking something to reduce my detangling time. Although it's not advertised for detangling it should be able to do so to some extent as afro hair tends tangle again straight after it has been detangled.

So I then decided to use it on stretched hair to see if it would be useful for styling. Sadly, it wasn't. It doesn't seem to be able to stay in my hair. This may be due to the rubber being flexible so the brush moves with the hair. I suppose this could be seen as a positive as it does not snag/pull the hair. I also found a mid shaft split a day after using this brush and I rarely ever encounter these so I wouldn't put it down to coincidence.

I guess I'm still on the route for a good detangling tool which doesn't increase hair breakage.

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