Sunday, 20 September 2015

Guide to buying products for natural hair

These are NOT necessarily the products that I use.
It can be so tough to find the perfect product to cater for afro hair. I don't know about you but I don't have the money to spend on multiple different products for only one to work and having to throw the rest in the bin. It is actually painful. I remember spending £7 on a keratin spray for it to be rubbish.

So to make product searching a little easier (+ cheaper) I've written some sort of checklist for me to go through before I let go of my £££.
  1. Do I really need it. I ask myself if I'm actually going to use it. You don't want that impulse buy to turn into regret.

  2. Don't fall for the exotic ingredient plastered on the label. For example the keratin spray I bought, had keratin right on the bottom of the ingredient list. It probably made up of only 1% of the product. Many people including myself say go by the first 5 ingredients listed on the back; this is what makes up the bulk of the product.

  3. Ingredients I tend to avoid. This is a personal thing. Because I have dry scalp and hair I avoid sulfates and stick to all natural shampoos. However I do sometimes use them once every few weeks to completely remove any build up. I sometimes stay away from mineral oil because this will most likely need sulfates to get them out.

  4. Ingredients I welcome. Water and lots of oil.

  5. The food aisle may be your best bet. For things such s coconut oil, carrot oil, whatever you fancy you are more likely to find its pure kind in the food aisle. Coconut oil is a white solid at room temperature so whenever you see coconut oil as a clear liquid in the beauty aisle, note that it will not be 100% coconut.

  6. Price. This is the final one. There are tons of products which are so expensive due to their brand name. Try not to fall for it as there may be a cheaper alternative that works just as well. However British owned brands can be more expensive due to the cost in making them and it's good to support such companies.

I will do post about what I use and how I use it. Are there any questions you ask yourself before buying? Please comment them below.

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