Sunday, 13 September 2015

Zara Denim Skirt

What attracted to me to this knee length denim skirt was the colour. It is such a nice blue. Long skirts are so not me so I was stood in the changing rooms for awhile deciding between the denim skirt and this patchwork skirt. So I finally came to a solution... buy both! So I reach into my purse and realised I left half of my euros at home. The shops in Holland shut at 6pm so I had no time to go back and get them. So I did the dutch counting rhyme which has helped me make important decision since 2002.

"Iene miene mutte, 
tien pond grutten, 
tien pond kaas...
Iene miene mutte is de baas! 

Maar de baas die is er niet
Dan ben jij em lekker niet!"

Not 100% sure about the spelling but that's how I ended up with the blue denim skirt. Oh and I'm glad I did.
I just love love the colour.


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Ijeoma x