Wednesday, 7 October 2015

So what products do you use?

Probably the number one question, whenever the topic of natural hair comes up. So, this post is all about what I use and how I use it. Eeep it's the first post of October!!
For 90% of the time I use these products only on wash day.

I've already spoke about this brand here but it's still working wonders. To wash my hair I use the Dr. Organics shampoo range from Holland & Barretts. I wash my hair with shampoo once a week. If I do wash my hair again during the week I use water only. Before washing my hair I tend to do a hot oil treatment using castor oil, which I've done a post about here. Anyway my favourite shampoo from this range is the Aloe Vera one which makes my scalp feel very clean; when I wash my hair I focus on my scalp.

Rinse out Conditioner
I used to use the conditioner from the Dr. Organics range however that got too expensive for the amount of bottles I go through. Now I use the TRESemme naturals which you can get from your local supermarket. It provides so much slip therefore making it so easy for me to comb through my hair without ripping it all out.

Deep Conditioner
To me this is probably the most important product I use. My hair has feels so much stronger after deep conditioning my hair once a week with Nothing But Intense Healing Mask. I buy this from Paul's hair world from the Manchester Arndale. It also brings out my curls so well.

Leave In Conditioner
Yes 3 different types of conditioners. I apply my leave in when my hair is damp after, rinsing out my deep conditioner. To be honest I'm still on the look out for the one. But for now I use African Pride Olive Miracle Leave In. It's alright however it doesn't leave my hair as soft as the Cantu Shea Butter Leave In did. But that leave in left white residue on my hair. On the upside both bring out my curls really well. I got them both from Pauls Hair world. 

Aside from castor oil I use coconut oil and olive oil. First off I'd like to say coconut has saved me. Want nice skin? coconut oil. Want nicer shinier hair? Coconut oil. Some use it as a make up remover but I've not tried this. I saturate my hair with coconut oil before washing (this may seem counter productive) because again with the conditioner it helps the comb glide through my strands. I use olive oil as the final step after applying my leave in. This is because my hair is dry so this helps to keep the moisture in my hair throughout the week. By the way you can get this from any supermarket, in the FOOD AISLE not the beauty section as it will not be in its pure form.

This may seem like a lot but it's actually not. Also I only do all this once a week and tend to set my hairstyle which will last for the whole week. College is not worth me doing my hair everyday. 

If anyone has and recommendation for a leave in please let me know


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