Sunday, 24 January 2016

New year, New ends

Happy New Year!! The best way to start the year is with healthy hair.
To be honest I do not like trimming my hair, because I hate losing length. I know it will grow back but I'm not that patient. So I have been trimming my hair in such a way that it enables me to retain as much length as possible. Many youtubers straighten their hair before trimming but I do not think there is any need. Also that requires a lot more effort. This is the second time I trimmed my hair in 2015.

Signs that you need a trim:
  • Detangling time has increased
  • Curls become very frizzy at the ends
  • Ends feel crunchy (only word I can think of to describe it)
  • Hair looks a lot thinner towards the ends
  • Ends do not stay moisturized 
After trimming my hair my detangling time has drastically decreased. Washing hair doesn't feel like a chore anymore. This is the most important benefit for me because who has time to be detangling for an hour or more?

Ensuring that you only trim damage ends means that it will take longer than usual. So all you have to do is take really small sections and check if it thins out a lot or feels very much drier than the rest of your hair.If you can see it thins out towards the end. I will point out that sometimes hair appears thinner due to some strands growing faster than others that is why I used very small sections. So I only trim of the very end on this section. About 1/4 of an inch. However in some sections I didn't trim anything at all as it was fine. So doing this worked for me as I never have my hair straight so my hair being perfectly even is not a necessity.

 From my whole head this how much I cut off. As you can see it's not a lot at all and my hair now also looks a lot healthier.

Thank you for reading!!
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